Not Data Mining, But a Mine for Data
Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Dec/Jan 10)

Smart businesses know that one of their most valuable and difficult to replace assets is computer data. That's why they may spend millions on fortress-like data centers, wired with redundant sources of power, designed to withstand the worst of Mother Nature. In Springfield, Missouri, the local public power provider is deeply involved in this critical need - 85 feet deep, to be precise.

SpringNet, a division of City Utilities of Springfield, operates an underground data center hosting facility covering more than an acre inside an old mine. With sophisticated surveillance and solid limestone all around, it's naturally able to withstand natural and man-made disasters, as well as security threats. It's equipped with all of the necessary infrastructure to keep customers' computer operations up and running, including power from a dedicated underground substation, backup generators, and battery banks.

Within the mine, SpringNet has constructed concrete buildings to offer additional protection. Customers have numerous options for taking advantage of the space - everything from leasing portions of server cabinets to arranging for construction of their own custom-designed concrete buildings.

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