Washington, D.C., Tops 2011 List of "Best Cities for Business"
Wall Street Journal MarketWatch (12/19/2011)

Washington, D.C., tops the 2011 list of 102 metro areas identified in the "Best Cities for Business" MarketWatch study published by the Wall Street Journal. This is the second straight year the nation's capital has taken the first-place position in the study's five-year history.

MarketWatch's analysis examined multiple types of economic data to gauge how much business is concentrated in a region, and if those companies are helping its local economy grow.

Below is a synopsis of what the study said about the top 10 winning metros: (Read the entire "Best Cities for Business" story

Greater New Orleans made the largest gain of any metro on the list. It rose 44 positions, from 77th in 2010 to 33rd in 2011.