The Electric Utility and Data Center Interface – Things to Consider
Mission critical and data center site selectors and operators must be aware of the many utility variables that will impact the site location decision.
Will Steffens, Principal, Sugarloaf Associates LLC (Q1 / Winter 2013)

{{RELATEDLINKS}}As many are aware, electric capacity, reliability, cost, and quality play an integral role in the site location and operation of a mission critical facility such as a data center. Mission critical site selectors and operators should also be aware of the many utility variables that will impact your site location decision. The following areas should be evaluated:

How Utilities Impact the Data Center Site Selection Decision

Each of the above will have a unique impact on a site selection decision and future operations. As a result of many years in the utility sector and assisting with over 10 million square feet of data center development, I can provide just a few examples of how utilities can and will impact a data center site selection decision:

As illustrated, the interface with the electric utility starts early during the site selection process and continues for the lifetime of the facility. This relationship is critical for both the operator and the utility. Mission critical/data center companies recognize that electricity is a critical raw material/commodity and that capacity, reliability, cost, and quality must be properly managed to avoid unnecessary business losses and to manage growth.