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Area Development Online



To find your Area Development
sales representative, please choose the region in which you operate.


All rich media ad placements (audio, video and expanding ads) must be negotiated before insert order is submitted.


Expansion only allowed for Half Page Ads and Rectangle Ads

  • • 20% premium applies on total sponsor package price
  • • Click-initiated and rollover-initiated expansion accepted.
  • • When rollover-initiated, expansion panel must close when user rolls off ad. Only small, clearly labeled parts of the banner may cause rollover-expansion - the entire ad cannot be a 'hot spot'. 'Hot spots' must be properly labeled (for example, tabs that say 'preview' 'slide show' 'win prizes').
  • • When click-initiated, there must be a prominent 'Close' button on expansion panel.
  • • Click-initiated audio only.

    Expanding Rectangle Example
    Expanding Halfpage Example

“Half Page Ads” (300x600)

  • • Must expand to the left.
  • • Maximum expanded size is 500x600 pixels.
  • • Maximum file size is 90k

“Leaderboard" (180x90)”

  • • No expanding

“Rectangle Ads" (300x270)"

  • • The rectangle may only expand down and/or to the left. The bottom rectangle may only expand up and/or to the right.
  • • Maximum expanded size is 500x400 pixels.
  • • Maximum file size is 60k


  • • 15% premium applies on total sponsor package price
  • • Click-initiated audio only.


  • • 20% premium applies on total sponsor package price
  • • Video must play within the banner. For all expandable banners, video must play within the expanded portion of the banner (see “EXPANDABLE ADS” above for more information).
  • • Each video ad can be up to one minute long
  • • Video play can initiate automatically but there must be a pause button. Video cannot play on a continuous loop. Once the video plays for the first there must be a click action by the user in order for the video to play again.
  • • Click-initiated audio only.