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Will the Florida Inland Port have FTZ status?
Florida Inland Port (FIP) will likely have an FTZ component. The model for this is currently being studied and will be incorporated into the overall development plan. More
- John Carver, Executive Vice President, Ports Airports and Global Infastructure Group, Jones Lang LaSalle
How are other countries utilizing smart grid innovations?
The Europeans are farther along with the smart grid compared to most of the world, including the United States. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
How will CRE expansion in emerging markets affect site selection in the United States?
As companies re-balance the real estate portfolio to support increasing levels of business activity in emerging markets, the increased presence will require an adoption of new strategies for evaluating and acquiring sites. More
- Stuart Hicks, President, Strategic Clients and Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Corporate Solutions Board, Jones Lang LaSalle
What taxes and/or incentives should U.S. companies be aware of that apply solely to moving some operations overseas?
There are many tax considerations associated with the establishment of a new project and with ongoing operations overseas (both in the U.S. on the parent company and in the host country). More
- Matt Highfield, Senior Vice President, Strategic Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle
How can companies build in a buffer to account for the other factors you mention (inflation, currency exchange rates, etc.)?
When projecting the costs in a location, decisions need to be made concerning how to model exchange rates and inflation. More
- Matt Jackson, Strategic Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle
Are reshoring businesses moving their operations from a few countries in particular (Mexico and China, for instance) or from a diverse group of countries?
Yes, we are seeing the most movement with manufacturing facilities relocating from China and Mexico. More
- Dana Olson, President and CEO, Ecodev
How important are consumer perception and the "Made in the U.S.A." distinction for companies considering reshoring?
With the small to midsized companies Ecodev works with, the "Made in America" brand is very important. More
- Dana Olson, President and CEO, Ecodev
Are large manufacturers also moving operations back to the United States? Why or why not?
At the time, it doesn't seem there is any particular push for larger manufacturers to come back. More
- Dana Olson, President and CEO, Ecodev
How will logistics bottlenecks in developing countries affect U.S. business?
The supply/bottlenecks in developing countries have already caused corporations to consider and develop complementary off shore and near shore strategies. More
- Bill Luttrell, Senior Locations Strategist, Werner Global Logistics, Werner Enterprises
How will the Panama Canal expansion potentially help and harm the U.S. shipping industry?
The impact of the Panama Canal is one of those great logistics system mysteries. Ask ten people about its future-tense importance and impact and you will without question hear ten very different answers. More
- Adam Wasserman, Partner, PortCentric Logistics Partners LLC
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