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Is there federal funding available to companies for collaborating with universities?
A number of National Science Foundation programs and numerous DOE solicitations strongly encourage public-private collaboration. More
- Patrick O. Gottschalk, Chair, Economic Development Team, Williams Mullen
Some have argued that Vivek Wadhwa's claim that industry clustering isn't important is off the mark, i.e., companies still like to locate where others in their field are located. How would respond to that?
Most successful clusters have been created organically - rather than by design. The concept of creating a brand spanking new research park adjacent to a university and hoping to lure large-scale corporate relocations just hasn't worked. More
- Les J. Cranmer, Senior Managing Director, Studley, Inc.
Why are ED agencies still so focused on attracting "new economy" companies when their viability has been in question?
It is important not only to focus on attraction of companies, but also to balance an economic development portfolio of programs around retention, re-invention, startups, and attraction. More
- Richard A. Bendis, President and CEO, Innovation America
If a business needs to move fast on closing a deal on a property and can't wait to apply for certain incentives before the transaction/project is completed, are there any states that will allow to apply for certain tax incentives after the fact, e.g. Grace period of 90 days?
In my experience I have not ever found a jurisdiction that would allow for a post-project property tax exemption as it relates to job creation. More
- Joseph Calvanico, National Director for Property Tax and Valuation Services, Crowe Horwath
What has the federal government done so far to promote smart grid implementation? What more should it do?
The Department of Energy (DOE) in particular has terrific resources related to how and where power is produced, distributed, and used. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
How are other countries utilizing smart grid innovations?
The Europeans are farther along with the smart grid compared to most of the world, including the United States. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
What are some common misconceptions of smart grid technology?
It's not so much misconception as no conception. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
Which industries are most susceptible to the risk of unionization?
The most susceptible industries are those with relatively low-skilled employees. More
- Lane W. Imberman, Imberman and DeForest, Inc.
What precedent do state government measures against unions, as seen in Wisconsin, set with respect to the private sector?
State actions have certainly brought the idea of unionization to the forefront in public discussion. More
- Lane W. Imberman, Imberman and DeForest, Inc.
While Craig Becker has received an interim appointment, is there any indication whether it could become permanent?
President Obama renominated Becker to the NLRB again this spring for a regular, five-year term. More
- Lane W. Imberman, Imberman and DeForest, Inc.
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