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Can you provide an example of an industrial facility that initiated performance measures and how much was actually saved by doing so?
Ingersoll Rand has identified a 10-year corporate goal of achieving a 25 percent reduction in global energy use. More
- Joe Chisholm, Northwest Territory Service Solutions Leader, Trane
Can you explain what is meant by indicative actions provided by performance analysis vs. predictive actions?
Performance analysis occurs at the early stages (i.e., indicative apple-with-apple comparisons to guide the design in the right direction), whereas predictive actions are those steps taken later on in the process (i.e., detailed analysis and simulations aimed at getting a figure as close to real life consumption as possible, using very detailed information for compliance, etc.). More
- Dr. Don McLean, Founder and CEO, Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)
What's meant by installing a HVAC system using "rule of thumb"?
Some contractors will install HVAC systems by using an area square foot calculation instead of actual psychrometric and thermodynamic calculations. More
- Michael Turner, CEO and Forensic Architect, Cognitio Consulting
Can you give us an example of an incorrect installation of green technology resulting in hazardous environmental results?
Just making a building enclosure more "air-tight" without taking a whole building design approach can result in bad indoor air quality with effects like mold, "off-gassing" of chemicals inherent in building materials, and other hazards. More
- Michael Turner, CEO and Forensic Architect, Cognitio Consulting
Which states have the most liberal solar incentives?
California offers generous incentives to residential-, commercial- and utility-scale projects throughout the state that include rebates and tax incentives. New Jersey offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), which are publicly traded financial instruments that represent the environmental benefits of solar (as opposed to the actual energy). More
- Joe Langan, President and CEO, Langan Energy Solutions
Can you provide some background on the EPAct? And, is there a resource for information on tax savings for energy-efficiency measures?
In 2005, Section 179D of the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) was established. It is a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for qualifying structures. More
- Julio Gonzalez, Engineered Tax Services
What has the federal government done so far to promote smart grid implementation? What more should it do?
The Department of Energy (DOE) in particular has terrific resources related to how and where power is produced, distributed, and used. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
How are other countries utilizing smart grid innovations?
The Europeans are farther along with the smart grid compared to most of the world, including the United States. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
What are some common misconceptions of smart grid technology?
It's not so much misconception as no conception. More
- Don Schjeldahl, Founder, Don Schjeldahl Group
Is it more expensive for a company to locate in an ecodistrict? Do the cost savings outweigh the expense of locating there?
The common thinking is that in the case of a fuller ecodistrict, the financial benefits and increased awareness within the community would provide a return well beyond any initial investment in locating there. More
- Tom Breunig, Director of Marketing and Communications, Earth Advantage Institute
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