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Austin, Texas Develops Strong Cleantech Strategy
You mention that communities that develop targeted, proactive strategies should fare well in attracting cleantech. Can you provide an example of a city or community strategy?
Olaf Babinet, Senior Manager, Global Expansion Optimization Group, Deloitte Consulting
Editors Picks:
A few communities immediately spring to mind. Austin, TX is near of the list for a few reasons.

1) They built a clean energy park for businesses:

2) They are working on standardized job training for green jobs with the Texas Workforce Commission (same link, above)

3) They have the Pecan Street project to demonstrate the potential of the Smart Grid:

4) The utility is owned by the municipality, and has aggressive incentives for clean energy.

Boulder, CO, and Xcel Energy have also done similar initiatives and are widely recognized as leading-edge.
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