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Which states have the most liberal solar incentives?
California offers generous incentives to residential-, commercial- and utility-scale projects throughout the state that include rebates and tax incentives. New Jersey offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), which are publicly traded financial instruments that represent the environmental benefits of solar (as opposed to the actual energy). More
- Joe Langan, President and CEO, Langan Energy Solutions
Where are some U.S. ecodistricts currently located?
According to Johanna Brickman in a 2010 paper titled EcoDistricts: An Opportunity for a More Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Design, "EcoDistricts are being considered in a variety of locations, from college campuses to dense urban neighborhoods, and in many cases a single building project has served as the catalyst for exploring a systemic approach to sustainable design." More
- Tom Breunig, Director of Marketing and Communications, Earth Advantage Institute
How important are government incentives in convincing building owners to implement sustainable retrofits?
In addition to reducing operating costs, lighting also represents the largest area of incentive. More
- Lance Ryan, Watson Land Company
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