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Is there federal funding available to companies for collaborating with universities?
A number of National Science Foundation programs and numerous DOE solicitations strongly encourage public-private collaboration. More
- Patrick O. Gottschalk, Chair, Economic Development Team, Williams Mullen
Why are ED agencies still so focused on attracting "new economy" companies when their viability has been in question?
It is important not only to focus on attraction of companies, but also to balance an economic development portfolio of programs around retention, re-invention, startups, and attraction. More
- Richard A. Bendis, President and CEO, Innovation America
Can you send me any articles on why a locality would want distribution/warehousing? What does the future hold for distribution/warehousing ?
We expect goods to be available at retail. Logistics, transportation, and distribution jobs make this happen. These jobs are essential to the global economy and create jobs locally. More
- Tim Feemster, Managing Principal, Foremost Quality Logistics
Which industries are most susceptible to the risk of unionization?
The most susceptible industries are those with relatively low-skilled employees. More
- Lane W. Imberman, Imberman and DeForest, Inc.
What precedent do state government measures against unions, as seen in Wisconsin, set with respect to the private sector?
State actions have certainly brought the idea of unionization to the forefront in public discussion. More
- Lane W. Imberman, Imberman and DeForest, Inc.
While Craig Becker has received an interim appointment, is there any indication whether it could become permanent?
President Obama renominated Becker to the NLRB again this spring for a regular, five-year term. More
- Lane W. Imberman, Imberman and DeForest, Inc.
Going forward, what trends do you expect in flexibility agility for 2011?
We will begin to see a wider variety of space solutions, with an ultimate move away from controlled, "I" space that belongs to the individual, to a "we" space model that belongs to the company and its collective employee base. More
- Debra Moritz, International Director, Strategic Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle
How can businesses ensure that all employees are on board with flexibility agility plans?
The formula for on-boarding employees within the new flexibility workspace is to identify potential obstacles, put solutions in place, and ease the inevitable pain that the transition may bring. More
- Debra Moritz, International Director, Strategic Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle
How can companies prevent employees from using business time for personal relocation?
Preventing employees from spending allotted business hours planning for their pending personal relocation can be avoided by lending some simple assistance. More
- Mike Gonzalez, President, Armstrong Relocation
Are large manufacturers also moving operations back to the United States? Why or why not?
At the time, it doesn't seem there is any particular push for larger manufacturers to come back. More
- Dana Olson, President and CEO, Ecodev
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