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Ranked #2: Highway Accessibility

Highway accessibility was ranked as the #2 factor by the respondents to Area Development's 2006 Annual Corporate Survey for a myriad of reasons.

Feb/Mar 07
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Deal With Shortcomings
No highway issue will be perfect. If shortcomings are obvious, highway access can often be improved to acceptable levels if the community surrounding an area is willing to finance the improvements needed to attract your business and others like it. And not all the improvements involve years of construction. Some may be "simple" fixes like adding dedicated turning lanes or traffic lights and widening certain key stretches of the roadway. More involved changes include installing flyover exit ramps and entire new roads. Find out if the needed improvements involve the highway itself or local zoning ordinance changes to eliminate the barriers between your business and an interstate highway system.

In Conclusion
These are just some of the questions and issues that should be addressed about highway accessibility when doing a site search. A failure to recognize the importance of highway access can be catastrophic to the lifeline of your business. A simple rule to follow is that if you can't easily drive to a location to check it out yourself, then chances are no one else can, and maybe you should be expanding or revising your site search.

Note: Rick Thomas is director of managed transportation at CEVA Logistics. He can be reached at (904) 996-1901. CEVA Logistics is the new name for TNT Logistics, which began rebranding in December 2006. CEVA provides a wide range of supply chain logistics services for key market sectors. CEVA employs more than 38,000 people, who are operating in 26 countries, managing 79 million square feet of warehouse space. In 2005, CEVA reported sales of $4.22 billion. The CEVA Logistics web site address is

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