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Automotive Suppliers Cluster in Central Mexico’s Industrial Parks

Area Development Online Research Desk (Advanced Industries 2014)

The corridor of suppliers to the automotive industry that has developed in Mexico Bajio’s Region is important to the many car and truck makers that have chosen to locate their manufacturing facilities there. More
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Market Report: Automotive Sector Prepares for Sales Uptick

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (March 2011)

After experiencing major bumps in the past few years, the automotive industry is retooling for a brighter future. More
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Automotive: Putting on the Brakes?

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Feb/Mar 08)

Economic doldrums, demographic shifts, and climate change are among the factors forcing new realities on automakers More
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Automated and Connected Vehicle Technologies: The Automotive Industry’s New Frontier

Joshua Cregger, Project Manager, Center for Automotive Research (2013 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Regions that are establishing themselves as knowledge centers and building up technical expertise within their work forces are emerging as hotbeds for investment related to connected and automated vehicle technologies. Not surprisingly, Michigan and California have emerged as leaders in these fields. More
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Knowledge Clusters in the Automotive Industry

Kim Hill, Director, Sustainability & Economic Development Strategies, Center for Automotive Research (Automotive Site Guide 2012)

Sixty percent of motor vehicles made in North America are produced in the Midwest.Just as the heart of the auto industry is in the American Midwest, auto-related innovation and knowledge clusters are prevalent there as well. More
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Incentives: What Auto Suppliers Should Look for when Expanding or Choosing a New Site

David B. Munson, Program Development Associate, Center for Automotive Research (Fall 2012)

Automotive states and communities are competing aggressively to win supplier projects of all sizes and descriptions. If R&D, advanced manufacturing, lightweighting, more fuel-efficient powertrains, or diversification is part of the project, this increases interest and can raise the potential value of state and local incentives. More
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Automotive Industry: Better Days Ahead?

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Apr/May 09)

As U.S. automakers actively restructure their companies, expect, and be ready for, an automotive rebound in the months ahead. More
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How to Site Your Next Facility: Site Selection Factors for Automotive Suppliers

Dr. C. R. (Buzz) Canup, President, Canup & Associates, Inc.  (Automotive Site Guide 2007)

The site selection criteria and factors used in performing site location studies for automotive suppliers vary broadly across the industry. More
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Automotive Lightweighting Leads to Industry Investment

Joshua Cregger, Project Manager, Center for Automotive Research (Advanced Industries 2014)

New fuel economy and greenhouse gas regulations are leading to the demand for new materials as well as new manufacturing and design methods to lightweight vehicles. More
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Market Report: Automotive Assembly and Supplier Manufacturing is on the Upswing in the U.S. and Mexico

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Industry analysts are marveling at the strength of the auto industry and the contrast with its state just a few years ago More