Area Development
Carbohydrate Valley is quickly becoming the site for leaders in Canada's bio-based economy. Located in Port Colborne, Ontario, Carbohydrate Valley offers low-cost water transportation, access to large volumes of clean water, and a growing mix of companies in the bio-business. Many of these bio-businesses are using carbohydrate- based products such as corn for feedstock, which decreases Canada's dependency on fossil fuel.

Carbohydrate Valley is the first site dedicated to new chemistry from plant-based feedstock. Its first established companies include Casco and Jungbunzlauer Canada Inc. The cluster is built around recent $100 million bio-refinery investments for the production of food ingredients, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Other key features adding to the attractiveness of Carbohydrate Valley include access to North American markets. Some $2.5 trillion of the continent's consumer income can be reached within hours of Port Colborne, making it a prime location for international companies.