Area Development
Leading Locations for 2015 Resources
Area Development’s Leading Locations statistics for small (less than 160,000 residents), midsize (population between 160,000 and 600,000) and large (more than 600,000 residents) metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) are consistent with our firm’s findings and our clients’ experiences. The analysis focused on workforce statistics, income/earnings, per capita product output, and economic diversity/strength.

These rankings reflect the continued strength of the western half of the United States in terms of human capital and economic performance. In particular, Colorado and Texas have several communities in the top five of the three population groupings. Colorado has come in strong in the Mountain Region due to economic growth and a strong workforce. It will be interesting to watch whether the cities in Texas perform worse in the future, due to their dependence on the energy industry and the lower energy cost market conditions, or if they are able to maintain their strength through diversified industries.

Area Development’s research desk compiled the statistics for this report. Locations were ranked according to the methodology explained herein. Location profiles/articles researched and written by Mark Crawford, Staff Editor.