Area Development
When it comes to reducing landfilled trash, recycling is a great strategy. It's also a good way to run a power generation plant, as the Farmington Electric Utility System in New Mexico has discovered. Some of its energy is generated by a power plant that thoughtfully combines combustion and steam power generation.

NPPD maintains working relationships with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Nebraska Department of Revenue, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, the Nebraska Ethanol Board, and the Nebraska Corn Board, along with state universities and colleges. These connections help NPPD collect pertinent information and line up valuable resources for successful site location and development.

NPPD offers a searchable database website with information about available sites and buildings, Nebraska energy and labor costs, and profiles and fact books on Nebraska communities. Also online are opportunity and profitability studies geared toward such specific industries as food processing, plastics manufacturing, and fabricated metals.