Area Development
Applied Biological Materials Inc. of British Columbia has succeeded in commercializing a new detection system for genetic information, which received support from the government of Canada through the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program.

The company has developed a microRNA (miRNA) expression and detection system where miRNA is known to regulate the genome, which is the basic foundation for human health and medical conditions. The system is used in life science research and biotechnology industries across Canada and the world.

"Research in miRNA holds great promise for the life science community and can ultimately contribute to innovative diagnostic assays and therapeutic modalities. Through government of Canada support, Applied Biological Materials Inc. has been elevated to become one of the world's top players in this technology," said CEO Dr. Peter Li. "Our dominant position has opened and will continue to open new job opportunities in Canada. In short, it is almost impossible for Applied Biological Materials Inc. to take on cutting-edge research and development, like the miRNA project, without the government's support."