Area Development
China's premier global, high-tech green company, BYD, has opened its new North American headquarters office in Los Angeles, CA. The facility is expected to add up to 150 green-collar engineering and management jobs focused on R&D to the region.

The multi-national company plans to grow its electric bus, e6 electric cross-over and solar panel businesses from the City of Angels. It manufactures electric and hybrid or dual-mode vehicles, solar power systems, environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries and battery energy storage, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

"BYD is thrilled to be making this investment in Los Angeles, a global city working towards a green, sustainable future," said BYD Chairman Chuanfu Wang.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said BYD's new North American headquarters in downtown Los Angeles "is the latest sign that we are a growing hub of clean-technology jobs."

BYD also announced a partnership with Hertz Car Rental which will provide the first long-range all-electric eBUS shuttle bus fleet at Los Angeles International Airport and the first all-electric vehicles for Hertz's Los Angeles rental fleet.

Hertz spokesman Richard Broome said the BYD all-electric bus not only knocks down emissions dramatically, but it also results in an estimated savings of up to $500,000 over the lifetime of each vehicle. "We are committed to sustainability," explained Broome, "and this partnership with BYD creates very exciting opportunities for us in Los Angeles and throughout the nation."