Area Development
American Howa Kentucky, Inc. (AHK), a manufacturer of automotive products, will invest $12 million to expand its facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, according to the Kentucky governor's office. At least 24 new jobs will be added to the existing 30-person work force as part of the project. The company plans to add 56,000 square feet to its 81,294-square-foot factory, and will add three new manufacturing lines. Products produced by the company include headliners, dash insulators, and various interior items. "We are very pleased with our facility here at the Kentucky Transpark, and we're happy to continue our investment here with this announced expansion," says Hiroshi Senga, president of AHK. "Our location in south central Kentucky is ideal for our business, and we look forward to much more success here." Incentives offered to AHK include $120,000 in tax benefits from the state.