Area Development
CMS Food Solutions, Inc., a firm that develops innovative proprietary food safety technology, plans to invest $4.4 million to open a manufacturing facility in Leland, North Carolina, Industrial Park, with plans to create 52 jobs.

CMS Food Solutions, Inc. researches and develops, markets and manufactures of biotechnologies. CMS Food Solutions’ proprietary antimicrobial applications are custom blended specifically targeting pathogens and spoilage bacteria to preserve harvested fruits and vegetables as well as other foods. The manufacturing processes use natural ingredients and produce no waste.

CMS currently has a manufacturing facility in Conroe, Texas. According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce multi-year sales agreements with companies in the food industry require the current expansion in production capacity. The company expects the plant to be operational in 2012.

“CMS Foods is committed to making foods safer for consumers,” said CMS Chairman and co-Founder Jim Burns. “G-99, our revolutionary produce wash, is the most advanced product available for the control of food-borne bacteria. We had multiple considerations in looking for a new site, and Leland– from our standpoint – was a home run. The workforce here, location, research conducted in North Carolina’s universities, and the emphasis on an eco-friendly manufacturing environment, all played a significant part in our decision.”

The Governor’s office said the project was made possible in part by a $32,000 grant from the One North Carolina Fund.