Area Development
Michigan-based medical cannabis testing lab, IRON Laboratories, is expanding operations with a new HB3460 compliant testing facility opening at 71 Centennial Loop in Eugene, Oregon.

According to the firm, its new IRON Laboratories facility follows strict ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified testing protocols to test for pesticides, impurities, and other contaminants, utilizing advanced chromatography and microbial analysis and will also offer consulting and research services as well as mobile testing on all cannabis products, both medicinal and recreational.

"We are excited to contribute our methods and knowledge to this vibrant community," said Mike Goldman, COO of IRON Laboratories. "With this expansion, we remain committed to our founding principles of serving our clients through science, compassion and the spread of knowledge. This expansion also gives IRON Laboratories an industry advantage by testing in multiple markets and setting the benchmark for cannabis testing. We look forward to a bright future here in the great state of Oregon."

"We see a huge opportunity in this market," said lab coordinator Drew Grabo. "With our ability to service the entire state of Oregon through our team of couriers, it's rewarding to know that patients and recreational users will have scientifically-backed test results for the medicine and products that they are using."