Area Development
The road map to America's economic recovery could be in the second and newest report from the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, officially to be presented to President Obama on Tuesday. It includes proposals the Council said could potentially "create millions of jobs in the years ahead while improving America's competitive standing."

"We never thought there was going to be a silver bullet to create jobs," said GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt in an interview with Reuters news service. "What we want to offer the president is a very broad set of ideas that can help more he economy forward. It's comprehensive and it's specific."

Immelt also is chairman of the 27-member, non-partisan advisory panel comprised of chief executives from Dupont, Eastman Kodak, Facebook, AOL and GE as well as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

In the 50-page report, the executives placed these activities high on their "to do" list: improving the country's network of bridges and roads, making airport upgrades and modernizing ports, and updating water/wastewater systems and electric grids.

Some of the other proposals called for:

"If Washington can agree on anything, it should be this -- and it should be now," summed up the authors.

The document does not take a stand on President Obama's $447 billion jobs package.