Area Development
Linamar Corporation has announced it will invest $40.8 million to purchase new equipment for its Florence, KY, facility, and more than double the size of its workforce by adding 138 new jobs.

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority preliminarily approved Eagle Manufacturing--a division of Linamar--for tax incentives up to $4.5 million through the Kentucky Business Investment program.

Linamar manufactures and markets automotive parts and components. The new equipment will be added to the existing 360,000-sq.-ft. facility in Boone County so it can produce engine components for both Ford and Chrysler. While the equipment is expected to be installed immediately, production will not be "up and running" until January 2012.

Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz said Eagle Manufacturing will add capacity to the company's growing automotive business, and give Linamar advanced manufacturing capabilities in an important region central to many of its customers.

"Linamar is a worldwide leader in auto components for manufacturers, thanks in large part to the men and women who work at their Northern Kentucky facility," said Rep. Sal Santoro, of Florence. "It's that commitment to our region and the Commonwealth as to why they chose this plant for expansion, which will create much needed jobs for Kentucky."