Area Development
If UAW workers approve their tentative accord with Ford Motor Co., Chicago will be celebrating major job-creation news. A third shift-and 1,100 jobs-will be added to Ford's Chicago assembly plant in 2012; and over the next four years, 900 more jobs will be added to that facility as well as the Chicago Heights stamping plant.

The contract is expected to be voted on next week. "If we are going to succeed in the long run and really be able to have long-run security and decent income for our membership, we can't put Ford and GM and Chrysler at a competitive disadvantage," said UAW President Bob King.

"I'm extremely pleased that Ford is strengthening its commitment to the state of Illinois to create 2,000 new jobs and stimulate the economy with an additional $200 million new investment," said Gov. Pat Quinn. "This is a victory for Ford, a victory for workers and a victory for Chicago," added Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Presently in the Windy City, Ford employs about 2,700 workers at its assembly plant and 900 at its stamping plant.

As part of the terms of the agreement, Ford plants to add 5,750 factory jobs in the United States. They are in addition to the 6,250 jobs the company announced earlier this year. In sum, Ford expects to add 12,000 jobs by 2015.

Ford also has announced plans to invest $4.8 billion in its American factories. It's been reported that in Chicago, $117 million would go for its assembly plant and $86 million for its stamping plant.