Area Development
Proctor & Gamble Company’s fabric care division plans to consolidate its operation, expand its workforce and add a training center at its Pineville, Louisiana facility, which will result in 50 new jobs.

In an effort to better align its fabric care divisions, P&G said it will consolidate some operations from Augusta, Georgia. to its Pineville facility. Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project will result in an additional 270 indirect jobs, in addition to the 50 direct jobs added. The Pineville facility currently manufactures products from several P&G brands, including; Cheer, Gain, Dreft, and Tide Pods detergents.

"P&G is increasing its efficiency by reorganizing its North American Fabric Care manufacturing operations over the next 12 to 18 months to better serve the needs of the consumers and customers. Our facility in Alexandria will increase capacity to support the dry detergent business," said Regina Washington, Plant Manager, Proctor & Gamble - Alexandria.

In March, P&G completed a $100 million expansion at its Pineville facility to enable the plant and the company to deliver one of P&G's newest products, Tide Pods, which launched in February 2012. The new expansion will add to the company's existing total of 483 associates in Pineville, a plant which opened in 1969 and covers nearly 1 million square feet in building space on 112 acres.

As an incentive to secure the expansion, the state offered P&G a performance-based grant of $3.4 million to offset a portion of the costs for new training facilities, infrastructure and equipment, as well as use of the state's Retention and Modernization Program in the amount of $800,000 million. The company also is expected to make use of the state's Quality Jobs and Industrial Tax Exemption programs. In addition to these incentives, P&G will receive a customized workforce solution from LED FastStart – the state’s workforce development program.