Area Development
Company Folders, Inc., the online presentation folder printer, opened its new headquarters at 22 W. Huron St. in Pontiac, Michigan.

The company renovated its new building with a modern design (including an open floor plan, exposed ceilings and updated exterior) while still maintaining the integrity of the historic structure that was built about a century ago.

“I chose Pontiac to be our home because of the closeness of the community and the energy I felt,” said Vladimir Gendelman, Founder & CEO.

He said the new building allows plenty of space for storage and will enable the company to grow five to six times in size. In the short term, however, the goal is to hire 16 people in content development, marketing and technology. In fact, the first of the new hires started Monday in customer support.

“The best thing we can do in Oakland County is create an environment where people find success and get the heck out of the way,” Oakland County Executive Matt Gibb said. “And for this great company, we want to do just that.”

He said Company Folders fits perfectly in the county’s Emerging Sectors initiative, which focuses on the job creation and diversification of the county’s economy from businesses rooted in manufacturing to knowledge-based.

“Company Folders coming to Pontiac really expands the city’s workforce development agenda by bringing new businesses to our city. It also brings new jobs to our local residents,” said Jane Bais-DiSessa, Pontiac’s Deputy Mayor. “Pontiac is truly moving forward by becoming a technology hub to the Metro Detroit Area, and Company Folders is one of those businesses we hope to continue to attract.”

“The importance of having businesses like Company Folders become involved with Main Street Pontiac is that they can provide insight into what their team and customers want to see in downtown, help drive the direction in which our community grows, network with other employees and residents in the area to build a support structure and form a close-knit community, and provide an outlet to become involved with the downtown,” said Walters, President of Main Street Pontiac.