Area Development
General Motors (GM) has announced it will create or retain about 275 jobs thanks to a $215 million investment designed to prepare its Saginaw Metal Casting Operation in Michigan to produce future engine block and head casting work.

Currently the facility builds a variety of aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads for some of GM's best-selling products. It employs 630 workers on two shifts.

Diana Tremblay, GM's global chief manufacturing officer, said the company looks forward to continuing its "long and proud heritage" of in-house casting for key components. "We believe these operations really enhance our ability to provide more fuel-efficient engines to our customers around the globe," she added.

"This announcement is another example of a very positive trend that is occurring at GM," said Joe Ashton, UAW vice president representing the GM Department. He noted that Saginaw, like many communities in the Midwest, has suffered the loss of manufacturing jobs to other countries around the globe, so GM's announcement was welcome news for the region.