Area Development
Mission Foods, a subsidiary of Gruma Corporation and major manufacturer of tortillas and tortilla-related products, established a new production plant in Dallas, Texas. The new plant will produce 30 million tortillas a day and create 1,000 direct jobs.

According to company officials, the facility has specially designed areas for the production and packaging of each product, with ecological equipment that guarantees environmental and health controls in processes. The plant will produce wheat and corn tortillas, as well as tortilla chips and flat breads, under its global Mission brand. It has the capacity to continue growing and efficiently meet the demands of our clients and consumers in the future, officials said.

"With this plant, Gruma establishes itself as the leading company in production, marketing and distribution of tortillas in the United States and reaffirms its commitment to offering its clients and consumers world class healthy products that satisfy tastes and preferences," said Gruma's President and General Director, Juan González Moreno.

González Moreno added, "This new Gruma plant is equipped with the latest technology and operates based on strict quality and sustainability standards."

"It has the capacity to continue growing and will produce at full capacity more than 10 billion wheat and corn tortillas annually, as well as tortilla chips and flat breads, under the global Mission brand, and domestic brands like Guerrero and Calidad, to supply the states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas and northern Texas," he said.

"Mission Foods now has the capacity to meet the growing demand for our products in Texas and neighboring states in the future," he said.

Through its 20 tortilla production plants strategically located throughout America, and the strength of its operations based on four decades of sustained growth, Gruma serves its clients and consumers in the United States with world class quality products.