Area Development
Awesome Products Inc., a laundry detergent and cleaning products manufacturer, will invest $22 million over the next three years to locate a facility in Mount Airy, North Carolina, creating 90 jobs in Surry County.

Awesome Products manufactures chemical and household cleaning products. The company currently operates manufacturing and distribution centers in Arkansas and California. The new environmentally-friendly facility in Surry County will specialize in producing household chemicals such as bleach, degreasers and cleaners. The plant will also serve as a distribution center for customers in the Northeast and Southeast.

“The availability of a skilled workforce along with support from the city, county and state governments is what has driven Awesome Products Inc. to come to the State of North Carolina,” said L.D. Hardas, President of Awesome Products Inc.

The project was made possible in part by a performance-based grant from the One North Carolina Fund of up to $300,000. The grant is contingent upon proof of job creation and receipt of a local funding match. “Companies know North Carolina’s skilled workforce gives them a competitive edge,” said Gov. Pat McCrory. “Our state must continue to support our growing manufacturing sector through investments in education, job training programs and critical infrastructure.”

“This announcement demonstrates the importance of our strong manufacturing heritage and why companies choose to do business in North Carolina,” said Sharon Decker, N.C. Secretary of Commerce. “We welcome Awesome Products to North Carolina and wish them success in Surry County.”

Awesome Products plans to create as many as 140 jobs over five years to gain maximum benefits from performance-based incentives approved by Surry County and the City of Mount Airy. The state grant will be based on the company creating 90 jobs and investing $22 million over the first three years of the project.