Area Development
Arizona-based Alpine 4 Technologies' subsidiaries Indiana-based Morris Sheet Metal Corp. and Deluxe Sheet Metal, and California-based Quality Circuit Assembly, have collectively secured several new health care building projects for its hospital clientele to build isolation rooms and medical-grade air sensor and monitoring PO's.

Kent Wilson CEO had this to say, "Just like most businesses in the US right now, Alpine 4 and our subsidiaries face unprecedented work constraints. We persevere, doing the work that our communities require. I want to say thank you to our employees who continue to do this mission-critical and essential work."

In Fort Wayne Morris Sheet Metal Corp. has built 88 isolation rooms to date and has been contracted for over 50 more. Deluxe Sheet Metal has been contracted to build 80 isolation rooms in South Bend. At its San Jose operations center Quality Circuit Assembly continues its work to build medical-grade air purification and air particle sensing equipment for its medical customer base.