Area Development
Be Green Packaging is investing $7.3 million and creating 175 jobs in Ridgeland, South Carolina. The company will locate a new manufacturing and distribution center there. Be Green will produce and distribute consumer, industrial, and food-grade packaging from the plant.

"Be Green Packaging felt this region, and especially South Carolina, which has a long and rich tradition in the paper and pulping industries, would be ideal for this 21st century business. The people of this state have the heritage, backgrounds, and experience that will provide our company with the skills and resources for producing products made from sustainable plant fibers. The local agricultural community will benefit from Be Green, as the crops and byproducts they grow in this region will be used as feedstock in our packaging material," said Ron Blitzer, co-founder and CEO of Be Green Packaging.

Since 2006, Be Green has been producing its goods in China and distributing them from a Boston warehouse. The new South Carolina facility will support its U.S. and global customer base. Its clients include Whole Foods Market. The company will shift container imports from ports in Boston and New York to the Port of Charleston.