Area Development
Moxie Solar Illinois is opening its headquarters and regional distribution center in the former Walter C. Knack building in Dixon, Illinois.

The company is a full-service solar installer offering custom start-to-finish solar solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural, and municipal customers. Moxie Solar has plans to create 50 jobs in the Dixon area in the next 36 months.

Jenn Hall, CEO of Moxie Solar Illinois said, "Dixon's proximity to schools that seed the workforce with quality technical and engineering students creates a favorable environment, not just for the current solar installation company, but also for future research and development endeavors. These R&D projects would allow Moxie to realize increased efficiency, reduced install time, and further vertical integration of the product offering."

“For example, Moxie Solar may consider manufacturing solar-related materials in the coming years. The favorable location is what brought us to look into Dixon, but the people are the reason we stayed. We are so grateful to the amazing folks of Dixon, and Lee County, providing us the support it takes to make this dream a reality,” she added.

Stacey Colledge, President & CEO of the Dixon Chamber of Commerce and Main Street, summed up Jenn's sentiments stating: "Heck, based on what we know, Dixon could become the solar capital of Illinois!"

The company employs a skilled staff of engineers, PV installers, electricians, client services specialists, and administrative professionals. "These are the exact type of jobs and this is the exact type of company that we are looking to bring to the area," said Danny Langloss, City Manager of Dixon.

In late 2016, Illinois passed the Future Energy Jobs Act. This comprehensive legislation was designed to jumpstart a renewable energy industry in the state. As part of the legislation, Illinois utilities will be required to source 25% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. This requirement is expected to drive development of up to 3,000 MW of new solar energy projects by 2030.

Kevin Marx, representing Lee County Industrial Development Association said, "We recognize that the State of Illinois is on the cusp of the new fledgling industry of solar. The economic development groups that move most expeditiously derive the most long-term economic benefits from their investments."