Area Development
Thompson & Thwaite, a green forest products company, will locate its wide plank floor manufacturing plant in Monticello, Georgia. The company plans to create more than 20 jobs over the next few years.

The 20-acre facility will support the company’s growing marketing and sales base in the Southeast. The new Jasper County facility will manufacture premium hardwood wide plank flooring with the latest computer and laser-operated machinery, enabling the company to produce more than two million square feet of hardwood flooring each year.

“The Thompson family has been in the forest product industry for three generations,” said Bert Thompson, Thompson & Thwaite LLC. “I look forward to building Thompson & Thwaite’s plant in Jasper County. The location in Jasper County is ideal for our forest products based industry and we are very excited to join many other quality green industry companies who have found a new home in Georgia.”

“Today’s news is a clear indicator that our state is the right place for businesses to flourish,” said Tom Croteau, Georgia Department of Economic Development Deputy Commissioner, Global Commerce. “Thompson & Thwaite will continue to take advantage of a skilled workforce, solid transportation infrastructure and direct access to companies and suppliers. We look forward to seeing them create jobs and invest in Jasper County.”

Susie Haggard, GDEcD Senior Project Manager of Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment, assisted the company on behalf of Georgia, in partnership with the Development Authority of Jasper County.

“We are very happy to welcome Thompson & Thwaite to Jasper County,” said Development Authority of Jasper County Executive Director David Dyer. “This is a great project for our community. The Development Authority of Jasper County appreciates the assistance of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.”