Area Development
3rd Dimension, a contract manufacturer specializing in metal additive manufacturing for highly complex parts, plans to expand its operations in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company plans to create up to 45 new high-wage jobs by 2022.

To support its growing roster of clients, 3rd Dimension will invest at least $804,200 to purchase new machines and bring its operations under one roof in central Indiana. The company currently operates in two facilities on Indianapolis’ northwest side, together occupying 5,800 square feet. With its growth, the company plans to improve efficiency and gain additional production capacity.

“Starting a new business in a new field is always a challenge, but as a former IndyCar engineer and strategist, I have learned to adjust to the situation which is presented,” said Bob Markley, the company’s Founder. “In fact, over half of our current team are recovering racers. Their backgrounds and willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible has really separated our capabilities and knowledge from everyone else out there. As we do have very unique capabilities, we are seeing accelerating growth and can count seven companies in the Fortune 500 top 50 as clients with more to come.”

“Indiana has an incredible ecosystem for manufacturing,” said Markley. “We have been able to utilize many of the resources and programs offered by the state including the IEDC, the Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership, PTAC and other various private groups such as KSM Location Advisors. For example, the Indiana Aerospace and Defense Council along with PTAC provided us the introduction to a client that could change the way we are making high value aerospace parts in this state. Not only that, but it would bring the manufacturing back to Indiana from out of state. Indiana’s core is manufacturing, and that is not going away so that is just one more reason to stay a step ahead.”

“Innovation is the currency for Indiana’s future,” said Elaine Bedel, President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “The world today is developing new technologies faster than ever before, and companies like 3rd Dimension are showcasing how Hoosiers can use our manufacturing expertise to become national leaders in putting technology into practice. From motorsports to manufacturing and beyond, innovation will continue to be a major driver of Indiana’s future economic growth.”

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) offered 3rd Dimension LLC up to $525,000 in conditional tax credits and up to $51,750 in training grants based on the company’s job creation plans. The company also received assistance from the IEDC’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), which included guidance on applying for federal research and development grants for small businesses.