Area Development
BioTE Medical, a leading provider of hormone replacement therapy using natural hormone pellets, recently moved into new corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas. The new offices feature over 10,000 feet of space including expanded training, support and research facilities.

Dan DeNeui, BioTE Medical COO, said the new facility will allow BioTE to offer expanded services as well as the ability to handle projected growth. DeNeui said, "The last several years have been a tremendous experience for BioTE Medical. We founded the company less than 3 years ago and now we're the top provider of hormone replacement methods for medical practitioners across the nation."

He added the new facility will allow BioTE to expand its research efforts. BioTE Research & Development will open in 2015. Its initial research project will study the effect of bio-identical hormone therapy on veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and head injuries.

BioTE Medical Founder Dr. Gary Donovitz said, "The explosive growth of BioTE has required us to expand. Our new facility is state-of-the-art and will allow us to take BioTE Medical to the next level. We're excited to be based in the Las Colinas/Irving area of Dallas-Ft. Worth."

DeNeui said that the new office complex gives BioTE an opportunity to expand a number of key initiatives, including physician training. "In addition to being able to more effectively bring our team together, the new BioTE headquarters include ample space for training, which is the foundation to the BioTE method,” he added.