Area Development
A manufacturer of anodized aluminum packaging for the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and health and beauty packaging industries, Anomatic, invested $11 million on an 83,000 square foot manufacturing plant in New Albany, Ohio.

Anomatic joins other manufacturers at the city's Personal Care and Beauty Campus at New Albany Business Park. "We're excited about Anomatic becoming a part of the Beauty and Personal Care Campus," said New Albany spokesman Scott McAfee. "Each company at this campus is playing a role in creating a vertical supply chain to quickly and cost effectively turn concepts into actual products on shelves. Businesses worldwide are taking note, and this campus has brought more than 1,000 new jobs to our region and our state in the last year alone."

"Anomatic's re-commitment to this region is noteworthy," said Kenny McDonald, Chief Economic Officer, Columbus2020.

According to the firm the plant, which plans to create 183 jobs in three years, is located 15 miles from the company's headquarters in Newark, Ohio. It features two brand new anodizing systems and is home to the company's Innovation and Technical Design Center.

Anomatic officials said its new proprietary anodizing systems protect the environment will remaining true to the original Anomatic system patented in 1967.

New technologies are designed to reduce energy dependence, and potable water usage through enhanced rinse technologies. A new water purification system recaptures and reuses runoff. The additional capacity will allow the company to offer industry leading lead times and increase speed to market

"Our focus is to take care of our customers' and partners", said William B. Rusch, Senior Advisor of Anomatic Corporation. "We are proud to serve the local community and work with the city of New Albany, Columbus 2020, and Columbia Gas to achieve new heights with innovation and speed-to-market."