Area Development
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., a Japan-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, will invest approximately $19 million open its first U.S-based packaging facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, after receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Daiichi Sankyo officials said FDA approval will help the Company expand its global supply chain capability to U.S. physicians and their patients. Its 140,000-square-foot Keystone State facility will package some of the company's portfolio of marketed products for cardiovascular and metabolic therapies, including treatments for hypertension and heart disease, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

The facility could also assume additional responsibilities related to clinical trial materials and perform formulation and analytical testing for select products, company officials explained.

"From facility and process design to quality control and personnel flow, we incorporated leading-edge technology in the design and development of the Bethlehem facility," said Jeff Lane, Vice President, Operations, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. "The commissioning of this facility is a major milestone for our U.S. organization and augments our ability to manufacture and distribute quality medicines."

The plant will continue to add employees until realizing its full operational goals which could create more than 80 jobs.

Lane added that by expanding the company's business operations to include manufacturing in the U.S., it is helping to minimize risks associated with product supply, and is also able to gain greater control over the life cycle of its products, from research and development through packaging and distribution.

In 2011 state and local economic development agencies offered the firm an estimated $3.6 million to fund expansion. Ultimately, the company only accepted an opportunity grant, job-creation tax credits and job-training assistance, which totaled around $600k.