Area Development
Simple Helix opened a new state-of-the-art enterprise-class data center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The new 1.1MW data center is structured into two secure, standalone data halls, each designed to run independently and equipped with its own dedicated power and cooling, and multiple levels of redundancy across all the critical infrastructure components, including power and cooling.

According to company officials, “the new data center will enable Simple Helix to meet growing demands for its enterprise-class Cloud and Managed Services from existing and new clients. This facility is designed to provide a resilient, secure, high-performance environment for business applications and mission critical data.”

"Space, defense, and academia are Huntsville. They are all major components of our economy. Now, so is technology. Huntsville is repeatedly featured on lists of emerging technology hubs and places to watch. We wanted to embrace that reputation for technology and partner it with our southern hospitality to create a state-of-the-art enterprise-class data center with world class Huntsville based customer service," said Steve Shickles, CEO of Simple Helix.

"Huntsville is home to Cumming Research Park, aerospace and military technology companies, and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. The only thing missing was a tier III, enterprise–class data center. Today, Simple Helix fills that void,” he added.

The site utilizes custom-engineered highly efficient closed loop chiller systems, reducing environmental impact while providing maximum cooling efficiency. All systems for each data hall are contained in separate rooms dedicated to the hall they serve.

Further, new Cabinet Systems, Power Distribution Units have been developed to lower costs and improve operational efficiency and maximize capacity. The ADA-compliant facility also features new structural upgrades and is located outside the 100-year flood area.