Area Development
Crown Uniform & Linen Service eagerly awaits the opening of its new $16 million laundering plant complex in Brockton, Massachusetts.

The new facility features a 94,000 square foot, state of the art, commercial laundering facility. About 80,000 square feet has been dedicated for production and warehousing, with new office spaces accounting for another 14,000 square feet. Plant operations will begin moving by the end of summer, with a ribbon cutting planned for the middle of October.

According to the firm, over the past year and a half considerable resources have been invested into the 20-acre site that was once a local eyesore. Today the site has been cleared, cleaned, and freshly landscaped. Great care has gone into the design of the building and the grounds in order to make it aesthetically pleasing to the surrounding community.

As part of the laundering process, rain water collection system will provide filtered rainwater to be used throughout the laundry, as well as for landscaping and property maintenance. Rainwater harvesting will further reduce water consumption, while also alleviating excess storm water runoff. The roof has been pre-wired for 55 square feet of solar panels which Crown will install in the second phase of their Green Roof Plan.

“Mature trees were brought in to ensure both a pleasing visual barrier and a sound buffer,” company officials said. “There is an outdoor eating patio for employees surrounded by flower beds that feature a genuine recovered millstone as a centerpiece. The finishing touches should be in place by the time Crown holds their official ribbon cutting ceremony.”