Area Development
DAQRI LLC, a technology company specializing in augmented reality hardware and software, is establishing a facility in Oakland County, Michigan. The new location will serve as an automotive product development center. The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $768,000 and create 12 engineering and project manager jobs.

“Michigan is the epicenter of transportation mobility, and we want to be at the heart of it as we bring AR to the car,” said DAQRI CEO Brian Mullins. “Our new office in Oakland County represents a commitment to our Smart HUD partners and customers in the automotive industry, and will enable us to collaborate on solutions even more closely.”

“DAQRI’s expansion in Michigan rather than California or other locations means excellent, well-paying jobs for Michigan residents and underscores the strength of the talent in the state’s mobility and technology sectors,” said Jennifer Nelson, Chief Business Development Officer & Executive Vice President of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the state’s chief marketing and business attraction arm that administers programs and performs due diligence on behalf of the MSF.

She added, "we welcome DAQRI’s commitment to Michigan and in becoming a key contributor to the state’s expanding autonomous vehicle supply chain. This investment further reflects our reputation as the center for the automotive industry."

The company’s wearable augmented reality products improve productivity, training, and safety in aerospace, energy, manufacturing, construction, and beyond. DAQRI’s smart automotive heads-up display (HUD) leverages holographic technology to transform the driving experience for hundreds of thousands of drivers, making them safer and more connected to information that enhances the driving experience. The next-generation DAQRI Smart HUD brings augmented reality into the car, enabling communication between the driver and autonomous vehicles.

The Michigan Strategic Fund announced a $100,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant in support of the project. MEDC administers funds for the MSF, and serves as the state’s chief marketing arm with the mission of attracting and retaining businesses to Michigan.

According to company officials, DAQRI is currently evaluating sites in Oakland County and will be announcing its location sometime in the upcoming weeks. Oakland County plans to offer staff time to assist the company in finding candidates for the newly created position and assist the company in its site selection process.

“DAQRI adds to the noticeable trend of west coast companies making the important decision to bring their automotive research to our robust cluster of mobility companies, joining a host of high-profile companies who see the value of locating in this global mobility hub,” said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

The company will be hiring critical research and development roles in the areas of electrical, mechanical, optical and software engineering, as well as production-focused roles in systems engineering and quality assurance.