Area Development
Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories plans to invest $17 million to expand its operations center in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, constructing a new laboratory facility, purchasing equipment, and creating 200 new jobs.

Eurofins laboratory, which serves a diverse range of businesses and industries, as well as local and national governments, plans to construct a four-story, 78,000-square-foot laboratory building on its existing campus at 2425 New Holland Pike. The lab facility will be used for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and food testing.

"We are pleased to announce this significant expansion of our operations in Lancaster County and are very appreciative of the support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project is another example of the commitment of Eurofins Scientific to continued growth and investment in its laboratory operations in North America," said Dr. Timothy S. Oostdyk, president, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories.

"Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories is a true Pennsylvania success that continues to grow and create jobs in the region," said Gov. Tom Corbett. "Today's announcement means that the company will grow from 844 employees to more than 1,000 employees. The impact on the community is significant and one the commonwealth is proud to support."

As an incentive, the company received $700,000 from the Department of Community and Economic Development, including a $300,000 Pennsylvania First grant and $400,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits.

The project was coordinated by the Governor's Action Team, a group of economic development professionals who work directly with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania. GAT provides site selection assistance, coordinates the involvement of other state agencies as needed, and packages the appropriate economic development funding for the project.