Area Development
Mt. Taylor Manufacturing will invest over $1 million to expand its operations center in the South Valley, New Mexico.

The company currently manufactures lumber and home-heating wood pellets as well as chips for playgrounds, mulch for gardens, and landscapes. With this expansion the company will increase the volume of production and will begin producing food smoking pellets.

Mt. Taylor Manufacturing has diversified its operations to include wood recycling, a wood pellet plant, industrial machine shop and a sawmill.

"Thanks to Governor Martinez' efforts to make New Mexico more business friendly and to grow the LEDA fund, we're able to grow and offer new products," said the Owner of Mt. Taylor Manufacturing, Matthew Allen. "We're proud to add new jobs in the South Valley and continue growing our product line."

The Economic Development Department will contribute $100,000 in LEDA funds toward the expansion. LEDA is New Mexico's closing fund, a tool that recruits new businesses to the state while helping those that are already here grow and thrive.

"It's exciting to see homegrown companies like Mt. Taylor Manufacturing grow and thrive, creating more jobs for New Mexicans," Governor Susana Martinez said. "We've seen over and over again that when we enact business-friendly policies and expand our economic development tools our local companies, and companies from around the world, find success here in New Mexico.”