Area Development
Adlai Nortye Ltd., a China-based globally-focused biopharmaceutical company dedicated to becoming a leader in developing effective therapies for cancer treatment and unmet medical needs, opened its first United States Innovation Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to company officials “the Boston center, which will form the target validation and translational medicine center of the company, is an innovation center dedicated to the development of important new treatments for cancer, especially immuno-oncology drugs based in the US."

The center will support clinical stage programs of the company and serve as a platform to better integrate Adlai Nortye into the global biopharmaceutical research and development industry.

"Today marks the first step in our overseas expansion," said CEO Carsten Lu, "The establishment of our Boston site is not just a significant step for our company, but also a sign of our relentless commitment to developing innovative, world-class therapeutic solutions for patients."

"Adlai Nortye, unlike other domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers in China used to being associated with the production of "me-too" drugs or "me-better" drugs, aims to innovate through target validation to discover new translational medicines," said CDO and President & CEO of Adlai Nortye USA Inc, Dr. Lars E. Bigerson, M.D., Ph.D. "The establishment of our first overseas site in Boston, will further help us to better integrate into the international biopharmaceutical market as we push forward the development of our treatments."

Through successful collaboration with global partners, Adlai Nortye said it is well-placed at the forefront of the immuno-oncology industry. To date, the company has several products in its development pipeline, ranging from early-preclinical to stage 3 ready.

Including: REOLYSIN, a safe and well-tolerated intravenously delivered immuno-oncolytic virus (IOV) currently entering phase 3; Buparlisib (AN2025), an oral pan-PI3K inhibitor that has received Fast-Track designation from the FDA for the treatment of HNSCC; and AN0025, an investigational, potentially first-in-class oral EP4 antagonist in phase 1 development.

The new Boston site will focus on novel target identification, validation, and translational medicine research, such as mechanistic and biomarker studies, company officials explained. The site will also allow an internationally well placed Adlai Nortye to solidify its position as an innovative leader in the fields of immuno-oncology, and to expand this role as it seeks to move deeper into the global pharmaceutical research and development market.