Area Development
IKO Industries, a North American pioneer in the manufacture of residential and commercial asphalt shingles and related roofing materials, opened its newest production facility in Sylacauga, Alabama. Although it's largely automated, the modern plant has already created approximately 50 jobs.

According to the firm “the project is a collaborative effort that leveraged design and engineering expertise from both outside and within IKO's own operations. The end result is a state of the art manufacturing hub that expands the company's footprint in the United States, and provides a springboard for IKO's future growth as a nation-wide producer and distributor in the roofing industry."

Vice-president of U.S. Sales, Keith Lowe, said “the flagship facility is a vital component of the company's long-term strategic expansion plan. IKO has made a substantial investment of capital and knowledge in the Sylacauga plant…We've put into it our best practices, processes, technology and learning from all our operations – not just manufacturing, but quality assurance as well as research and development. Sylacauga is both the culmination of our past experience and our starting point to pioneer and drive future innovation."

"The key to IKO's success and competitive edge is that it's a vertically integrated company," Lowe added. "That means we control more aspects of our raw material supply and production than most of our competitors. When you combine that strategy with the production capabilities of our new plant in Sylacauga, IKO is ideally positioned to better serve the Southeastern United States market."

IKO's main Research and Quality Control facility – as well as its centralized marketing services – will fully support this latest one of more than 30 plants the company operates in North America and Europe.