Area Development
TriWest Healthcare Alliance will establish its Healthcare Alliance New Orleans Operations Center in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The center will serve as a traditional contact center for veterans through the Veterans Choice Program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The company’s operations center in Jefferson Parish will administer the Veterans Choice Program and provide support for veterans by processing care requests, conducting inbound and outbound telephone correspondence with veterans and healthcare providers, and scheduling appointments by phone. The project is expected to create 285 jobs.

TriWest will recruit as many veterans as possible to its workforce. “At TriWest, we are in the business to serve veterans: It’s who we are; it’s what we do,” TriWest Healthcare Alliance CEO David J. McIntyre Jr. said. “We are seeking qualified applicants that have a deep desire to serve our nation’s veterans. If every position was filled with veterans themselves, we would be most pleased. TriWest is a proud supporter of the military and veteran community, and we chose to expand our operations to Louisiana – the place that over 300,000 of America’s veterans call their home.”

TriWest Healthcare Alliance has a long history of providing healthcare services for our nation’s heroes, and we extend a heartfelt welcome to its operations center in Jefferson Parish. We’re proud that TriWest selected Greater New Orleans in competition with eight other major metro areas, and that talented Louisiana workers will be serving our veterans in three regions spanning 28 states. With Louisiana’s strong business climate and the availability of our state’s highly skilled workforce, TriWest will support our nation’s veterans while providing great career opportunities for many families in our state”, said Governor Bobby Jindal.

To secure the project, the State of Louisiana offered a competitive incentive package that includes the services of LED FastStart – the state workforce development program. The company also is expected to utilize Louisiana’s Quality Jobs Program.