Area Development

1. London

IBM ranked London the top destination by number of investment projects. While the United States is the leading destination nation, the U.K. capital took top honors among global urban areas.

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2. Shanghai

As the most populous city in China and the world's most populous metro area, Shanghai is the heart of China's powerhouse economy and a leading global investment destination.

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3. Paris

Metro Paris is one of Europe's strongest economic centers, and produces more than a quarter of France's GDP. Particularly strong in the automobile, aeronautic, and electronic industries, Paris is also a top choice for destination investments.

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4. Dubai

Rising from the desert sands of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the world's newest global economies. Not only has it experienced torrential business and real estate growth, but it continues to attract significant world investments.

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5. Bangalore

Bangalore, capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, is the country's third most populous city. It is both a major economic center of India and the fastest growing major metro in the nation. Its thriving industries draw investment from around the globe.

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