Area Development
Green Job Spider is a search engine that trawls the Internet for the best green job sources. In a study conducted by the website, it found that certain states have more green job opportunities than others based on openings as of May 2010.

The top five states for green jobs were California; Washington, DC; New York; Texas; and Colorado.

Surveyors monitored more than 20 green jobs boards to determine the top states. It searched for jobs in categories such as solar installers, engineers, environmental, biofuels, and smart grid.

Winning state California listed more than 7,500 green jobs with a number of different employers. The most desired jobs were in sales and engineering. Mechanical, solar, and chemical engineering jobs were most in demand.

Green Job Spider considers any job that creates, supports, maintains, or regulates recycling, energy efficiency, or renewable energy products and services to be green.