Area Development
Prestige Food Trucks, a leading custom food truck and trailer manufacturer, is moving its production center to a 30,000-square-foot facility in Elkhart, Indiana.

According to company officials, the move will allow for faster build-out of mobile kitchens and custom trucks. In addition, the food truck builder will be able to increase the quality of its custom-built trucks and secure a higher volume of clients.

"Orlando has been an extremely welcoming city to us, but we needed more space to grow while continuing to offer outstanding service and Elkhart offered us the perfect opportunity,” said Jeremy Adams, Owner of Prestige Food Trucks, the truck's manufacturer.

The firm’s current relocation “will help accommodate business demand and allow the company to provide more efficient service to its current and future clients. This is the third facility relocation for Prestige. The last relocation allowed the business the hire five times more employees, cut its turnaround time by half and remain ahead of the competition,” company officials said.

While the company is relocating its manufacturing facility, Prestige's headquarters will remain in Orlando. Florida clients will still be able to reach Prestige Food Trucks by visiting their local office.