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Indiana Resources Page
Inward Investment Guides

Regional Report: Manufacturing Drives the Southern Indiana Economy

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Q3 2014)
Manufacturing plays a prominent role in Southern Indiana’s economy, but technology R&D as well as financial services, a growing medical sector, and renowned educational institutions must also be acknowledged. More

Building Agility into the Supply Chain

Will O’Shea, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, XPO Last Mile (Q3 2014)
With delivery speed now a competitive differentiator, companies must ensure they have a “shippable” delivery on hand. More

Leading Locations for 2014: Economic Strength and Year-Over-Year Growth MSAs

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor,  (Q2 2014)
Nine of the top-10 cities in the Area Development 2014 “Economic Strength” ranking benefited greatly from boom times for oil and gas development and refining, or from their area’s historic and growing position at the forefront of a burgeoning area of the global economy. More

Leading Locations for 2014: U.S. Metros Ranked for Economic and Job Growth

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor,  (Q2 2014)
Area Development analyzes economic and workforce data for 379 MSAs, producing a snapshot of the cities across America that are poised to capitalize on the new potential for economic growth as the United States leaves the recession behind. A diversified economic base tops the most desirable traits. More

Indiana Direct Financial Incentives 2014

Area Development Online Research Desk (Q1 2014)
Indiana's economic development, finance and tax organizations provide a range of incentive programs to initiate new business and commercial investment. More

First Person: Foreign Investment Driving Uptick in Manufacturing Plant Construction

Stephen Gray, CEO, Gray Construction (Q1 2014)
Stephen Gray, Gray Construction CEO, comments on manufacturing’s contribution to U.S. economic growth and the factors influencing the uptick in construction of domestic plants. More

The 2013 Gold & Silver Shovel Award Recipients in Pictures

Area Development Magazine Special Presentation (Directory 2014)
Shown here are nine of the recipients of Area Development’s 2013 Gold & Silver awards, which were bestowed in recognition of the states’ efforts to capture new facility and expansion projects that resulted in significant investment and job-creation. All told, 19 states were recognized for their efforts. More

Regional Report: Slow But Steady Economic Climb for the Midwest

 (Directory 2014)
You’re not likely to find explosive growth in the Midwest, but the region’s economy is advancing at a healthy, steady pace with strategic plans to enhance investment in place. More

INDIANA at a glance

POPULATION: 6,516,922 (2011)

LABOR FORCE: 3,188,260 (2011)


TRADITIONAL INDUSTRIES:Agriculture, steel, automotive, life sciences, wood and wood products, electronics, plastics, food processing

EXPANDING INDUSTRIES: Life sciences, advanced manufacturing, distribution and logistics, information technology, telecommunications, hybrid vehicles, alternative energy/wind power, national security, motorsports

COLLEGE GRADUATES: Age 25 and over): 22.7%

Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax: 8 percent (fouryear phased reduction to 6.5 percent began on July 1, 2012)

Individual Income Tax: Flat rate of 3.4 percent covers most business types as well as individuals.

Sales and Use Tax: 7 percent Property Tax: Real estate and personal property are assessed at 100 percent of true value; rates vary locally; business property taxes capped at 3 percent of assessed value

21st Century Research and Technology Fund

Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) tax credits

Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit

Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit

Industrial Development Grant Fund

Industrial Recovery Tax Credit

Patent-Derived Income Exemption

Property tax abatement

Research and Development Tax Credit

Skills Enhancement Fund

State and local financing programs

Tax increment financing

Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit

Principal Manufacturing industries

  • Transportation Equipment
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Primary Metal Industries
  • Machinery
  • Food Mfg.
  • Rubber & Plastic Products
  • Chemicals
  • Furniture & Related Products
  • Computer & Elecronic Products
  • Printing & Related Support Activities
  • Other Manufacturing Industries