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Top States for Business

The 2021 Top States for Doing Business Reflect Their Locational Advantages

Despite the economic uncertainty of the last year, plenty of companies continue to grow, and with growth comes the need to expand and explore new locations. The “Top States” in which to locate represent the general views of our expert panel of site consultants, with Georgia ranking #1 for the eighth year in a row.

Location Canada

Canada’s Diversity and Positioning Is Promising

Although the pandemic caused FDI to slow, with its diverse workforce, Canada is experiencing a surge in Industry 4.0 projects and may benefit from U.S. firms nearshoring their supply chains.

Construction / Project Planning

In Focus: The Construction Industry's Secret Weapon

The use of project controls specialists is still relatively unknown in the U.S., despite the fact that these consultants help to get projects delivered on time and on budget.


U.S. Space Race Propels the Nation to New Heights

Activities involving the development, production, and use of space technologies are spread across the United States.

Manufacturing / Industrial

In Focus: How to Compete in the Industrial Real Estate Gold Rush

The options for space and buildings within the world of industrial real estate are getting smaller.

Economy / Market Analysis

Front Line: Changing the Definition of MSAs

Will the proposed redefinition of Metropolitan Statistical Areas and subsequent funding communities receive affect your company’s location decision?

Sustainable Development

In Focus: Creative Funding to Enable Sustainability

Organizations that are attempting to reduce their energy use or carbon footprint are finding there are affordable to ways to do so.

Workplace Trends

A Revitalized Vision for the Corporate Campus

As COVID-19 starts to subside, the tech industry is reimagining the corporate campus, as well as workspaces, and that is bound to also affect companies in other industries.


Preparing for Launch of an Aerospace Business

Aerospace startups, even more so than other companies, benefit from a holistic approach to planning and site selection.

Location Canada

Canadian Industrial Sectors Expand with Business and Government Investment

Diverse public-sector infrastructure investments, streamlined regulations, and certified site programs are driving private-sector industrial investment and expansions across Canada.

Portfolio Management / CRE

In Focus: Facilitating Commercial Real Estate Transactions Using Technology

By using emerging technologies to expedite the due diligence process, commercial real estate managers can save time and money, while managing risk.

Advanced Manufacturing

First Person: Building a Sustainable Global Semiconductor Supply Chain

Hemlock Semiconductor in Saginaw, Michigan, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of ultra-pure polysilicon that is sliced by other manufacturers into wafers to be used in solar cells and semiconductors. Area Development’s editor recently asked the company’s senior vice president of Advocacy and Engagement about the recent shortage in the global production of semiconductors that has been causing delays in the manufacture of products utilizing these chips.

Government Policy / Business Climate

Shifting Dynamics in a Post-Pandemic World

Your business may benefit from economic developers’ new targeted approaches that support new norms in the workplace, promote inclusive economic recovery, and place ESG at the center of their value proposition.

Contributed Content

Tennessee Sees a Surge in Headquarters, Tech, and Finance Facilities

With a critical mass of qualified workers, as well as a friendly business environment, the state of Tennessee is drawing new and expanding firms.

Logistics / Infrastructure

Front Line: U.S. Supply Chains Face Critical Stage

The pandemic accelerated the reexamination of U.S. supply chains, and a new report sets out a path for addressing vulnerabilities.


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