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U.S. Industrial Real Estate Cooling Off After Rapid Growth

Jason Price, Senior Director of Research for U.S. Industrial Sector, Cushman & Wakefield (Q2 2024)

Exploring the quiet change: a look at the shifting dynamics in industrial real estate. More

The Risks and Realities of Megasite Mania: Navigating the Mid-Tier Client Landscape

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell (Q2 2024)

The recent focus on projects requiring megasites may cause communities to lose sight of developing smaller-scale sites that could bring mid-tier companies to their communities, fostering job creation and diversified economic growth. More

How to Master the Maze of Federal Funding in Manufacturing Site Selection

Shannon O'Hare, Executive Managing Director, Business Incentives Advisory, Total Workplace, Cushman & Wakefield (Q2 2024)

What should you consider while working through the complexities of federal incentives and timelines to optimize your facility planning and execution? More

Front Line: Green Concrete Initiatives Fight Climate Change

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2024)

Innovative measures and legislation propel the adoption of eco-friendly building materials. More

First Person: Making Facilities “Fit” for the Digital Future

Stephanie Dorsey, CEO, Siemens Real Estate Services, Americas (Q1 2024)

Area Development’s staff editor, Lisa Bastian, interviewed Stephanie Dorsey, CEO of Siemens Real Estate in the Americas, about the changing real estate needs of today’s innovative and growth companies. More

Why Smaller May Be Better for Some Businesses

Tim-Logan, Partner, Parker Poe (Q1 2024)

Although records have been set for massive industrial spaces, the market has been shifting to smaller buildings. More

In Focus: 5 Smart Building Resolutions for 2024

John Fleming, Vice President, Johnson Controls (Q1 2024)

Building owners may look at the new year as a time to make good on goals they set for their buildings in previous years – whether that means upgrading outdated technology, focusing on net-zero carbon goals, or enhancing occupant experience. More

Up Next for Industrial in 2024

Jason Price, Senior Director of Research for U.S. Industrial Sector, Cushman & Wakefield (Q1 2024)

Here is a look at the normalizing sector’s upcoming supply, demand, and pricing outlook. More

Public-Private Partnerships Incentivize Industrial Development

Jenae Valentine, Manager, Location Analysis and Incentives, Maxis Advisors (Q1 2024)

Communities that embrace creative solutions and collaborative approaches are well-positioned to thrive and attract jobs and investment from the private sector. More

A Message to CREs: What’s Old Is New Again

Katie Culp, CEO, KSM Location Advisors (Q4 2023)

It seems that face-to-face meetings with community leaders and anecdotal research about a prospective location are back in style again as companies make location decisions. More

Front Line: Brownfields Offer Redevelopment Opportunities

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2023)

Found in both urban and rural areas and often with infrastructure in place, brownfield sites can be revitalized and reused with the proper remediation plan in place. More

In Focus: Picking the Right Joint Venture Partners

Joseph Natarelli, National Leader, Construction Services, Marcum LLP (Q3 2023)

Here are three tips to help construction firms use joint ventures to meet demand without increasing risk. More

Manufacturers’ Imperative to Combat Climate Change

Jennifer Dodson, Director, Global Customer Sustainability, PPG (Q3 2023)

Reducing emissions, developing sustainable solutions, and leveraging renewable energy are among the steps that manufacturers can take to change the trajectory of climate change. More

How ESG Is Driving Canadian Government Programs

Marc Beauchamp, President, SCI Global (Location Canada 2023)

Through their ESG-oriented policies, Canada’s federal and provincial governments are working to position themselves as an attractive investment destination for businesses seeking sustainable long-term growth. More

First Person: Labor Crunch in the Construction Industry

Joseph Natarelli, National Leader, Construction Services, Marcum LLP (Q2 2023)

The construction industry continues to face a skilled labor shortage, with worker scarcity worsening since the beginning of the pandemic. With this in mind, Area Development’s staff editor Lisa Bastian asked Joseph Natarelli, Marcum’s National Construction Leader, to share his perspective on this issue. More

Development Land Demonstrates Resilience in a Volatile Market

Matt Davis, Senior Director, Capital Markets; John McWilliams, Senior Research Analyst; and Andy Slowik, Managing Director, Land Brokerage; Cushman & Wakefield (Q2 2023)

Land development is a fluid sector that tends to follow the wave of national trends and demand, creating pockets of positives throughout a troubled marketplace. More

Life Science Conversions in Real Estate

Matthew Weinstein, Chair, Real Estate Lease Structuring, Cozen O’Connor (Q2 2023)

Among the key legal issues to be considered when converting office to life science space are credit enhancements, expansion/contraction options, use segregation, and zoning. More

Front Line: Water Supply Increasingly Affecting Location Decisions

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2023)

Over the last few years, there has been a heightened focus on abundant access to water for companies seeking new locations. More

Manufacturing and Distribution Trends Impact the Value of Credits and Incentives

Jennifer Clement, Strategic Pursuits Leader, Manufacturing & Distribution, CLA and Patrick Hanlon, Director, Business Incentives Consulting, CLA (Q1 2023)

Credits and incentives are just one consideration among many factors that need to be taken into account as your company begins its location search. More

The AEC Industry’s Transition to Net Zero Energy

Jennifer Breault, Senior Architect , SSOE Group and Jason Smith, Senior Project Designer , SSOE Group (Q1 2023)

Early, collaborative planning and design will help facility developers and owners meet their net zero energy goals. More

Deploying Location Strategy + Incentives to Meet ESG Goals

David Hickey, Managing Director, Hickey & Associates (Q1 2023)

CFOs and business leaders can utilize location strategy as part of their ESG mission through their workforce, workplace, and sustainability strategies, as well as by demonstrating social responsibility and good governance. More

In Focus: The Facility’s Envelope-A Multifaceted Ecosystem

Marc Gravely, Founder, Gravely P.C. (Q1 2023)

For infrastructure preparedness, a big picture and narrow focus are equally important. More

Higher Borrowing and Construction Costs Impacting Industrial Users

David Welch, CEO & President, Robinson Weeks Partners (Q4 2022)

As interest rates rise, industrial developers are prepping for a ramp-down of new projects. More

ESG: The New Metrics in Construction and Real Estate

Michelle Palys, Vice President, Graycor and Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q4 2022)

Key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations include protecting the environment/reducing energy use, making positive contributions to the community, adopting inclusive workplace policies, and maintaining high standards of governance. More

Major Projects Embrace Wide Open Rural Spaces

John W. McCurry (Q3 2022)

Available land, lower costs, and the desire to co-locate with suppliers and customers draw companies to rural locations, but satisfying infrastructure needs and access to talent shouldn’t be overlooked. More

Utilizing Data Analytics to Reduce Risk and Costs, Increase Opportunities

Thane J. Hutcheson, Director, Baker Tilly, LLP and Chris Urchell, Consulting Manager, Baker Tilly  (Q3 2022)

An efficient site selection process can make the difference between a fundable and a failed project. More

Explosive Growth of Life Sciences Sector Comes with Challenges

Deb Boucher, Vice Chair, Cushman & Wakefield and Jason D'Orlando, Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield (Q3 2022)

Although opportunities abound, companies in the life sciences sector are also facing numerous challenges — from accessing skilled labor to deciding whether to build out or retrofit existing space. More

Using Robust Project Controls to Enhance Project Management

Bahadir Barbarosoglu, Program Manager, Linesight (Q3 2022)

Utilizing big data and project controls such as BIM or Digital Twins (DT) will help to mitigate any challenges and bring a project to completion on time and within budget. More

A Look at Integrated Project Delivery From the Inside Out

Lauren Collier, Senior Associate, SSOE Group (Q3 2022)

A culture of teamwork and collaboration paves the way for the execution of integrated project delivery, which helps to cut costs and time while offering other advantages. More

In Focus: Demand for Industrial Land Surges

Evan Pritchard, Cozen O'Connor (Q2 2022)

The exponential growth of e-commerce has, in turn, accelerated the need for both warehouse and data center space. More

Five Ways for Manufacturers to Manage Global Market Volatility

Bryan Allen, EPC Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell and Charles Clinton, National Development Leader of Industrial Manufacturing Facilities, Burns & McDonnell (Q2 2022)

To survive and advance in manufacturing, it’s critical to have future-proof, flexible facilities. More

Supply Chain Disruptions and Construction Industry Transformation

Shawn Anderton , Operations Manager, Graycor and Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q2 2022)

Planning ahead, running different scenarios, identifying labor needs, and employing technology will help to improve project costs and schedule on today’s jobsite. More

In Focus: Safety First-The Benefits of Construction Robotics

Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder and CEO, Zepth (Q2 2022)

The use of construction robots can transform site safety for human workers, while monitoring processes that impact project timelines and budgets. More

The Evolution of the Megasite

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell and Corey Kingsland, Civil Engineering Section Manager, Burns & McDonnell (Q2 2022)

As the need for next-generation megasites continues to grow, economic development professionals are helping end-users reimagine the site selection and site preparedness process. More

Crunch Time in the Construction Industry

Anthony Johnson, President, Industrial Business Unit, Clayco (Q1 2022)

Supply chain disruptions spawn creative, and possibly lasting, project solutions. More

New Equipment Considerations in Capacity Planning and Manufacturing Resiliency

Michael Verdier , Vice President & Market Leader, Integrated Industrial Design (IID), BHDP Architecture (Q1 2022)

Regular maintenance and a review of what’s needed to meet capacity requirements — including cost of new equipment or possible automation — will ensure your company meets its current and future productivity goals. More

Do You Need A Facility Manager, Project Manager, or Both?

Bryan Christiansen, Founder, Limble CMMS (Q1 2022)

Although the responsibilities of the facility manager and project manager differ, there are times when you need both. More

Project Controls: Keeping Complex Project Delivery On-Track

Shawn Buchanan, Vice President/General Manager, Graycor and Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q1 2022)

A dedicated project controls process will take into account all phases of a project, from planning and scheduling to budgeting and execution, helping to successfully deal with any difficulties encountered along the way. More

In Focus: The Business Case for the Building of the Future

Tyler Smith, Executive Director, Healthy Buildings, Johnson Controls (Q1 2022)

Investing in facilities now will yield financial and physical benefits in the short and long term. More

On the Hunt for a Productive New Biomanufacturing Site?

Travis McCready, Head of Americas Life Sciences Markets, JLL (Q4 2021)

Real estate and facility strategy can fuel efficiency, scale, and speed to market for your new biomanufacturing operation More

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